Profile for Tom Kucsera

Title: Research Analyst
Affiliation: GEST/UMBC
Contact: E-mail
Code 613.3
Greenbelt, MD 20771


Chin, M., T. Diehl, Q. Tan, J. M. Prospero, R. A. Kahn, L. A. Remer, H. Yu, A. M. Sayer, H. Bian, I. V. Geogdzhayev, B. N. Holben, S. G. Howell, B. J. Huebert, N. C. Hsu, D. Kim, T. L. Kucsera, R. C. Levy, M. I. Mishchenko, X. Pan, P. K. Quinn, G. L. Schuster, D. G. Streets, S. A. Strode, O. Torres, and X.-P. Zhao (2014). Multi-decadal aerosol variations from 1980 to 2009: a perspective from observations and a global model Atmos. Chem. Phys, 14, 3657-3690

Bian, H., M. Chin, Kawa S. R., Yu H., T. Diehl, and T.L. Kucsera (2010). Multi-scale carbon monoxide and aerosol correlations from MOPITT and MODIS satellite measurements and GOCART model: implication for their emissions and atmospheric evolutions J. Geophys. Res., 115(D07302).

Smirnov A., B. N. Holben, S. M. Sakerin, D. M. Kabanov, I. Slutsker, M. Chin, T.L. Diehl, L.A. Remer, R. Kahn, A. Ignatov, L. Liu, M. Mishchenko, T. F. Eck, T.L. Kucsera, D. Giles, and O. V. Kopelevich (2006). Ship-based aerosol optical depth measurements in the Atlantic Ocean: Comparison with satellite retrievals and GOCART model Geophys. Res., L14817, 33.