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Bucsela, E. J., N. A. Krotkov, E. A. Celarier, L. N. Lamsal, W. H. Swartz, P. K. Bhartia, K. F. Boersma., Veefkind, J. P., J. F. Gleason, and K. E. Pickering (2013). A new stratospheric and tropospheric NO2 retrieval algorithm for nadir-viewing satellite instruments: applications to OMI Atmospheric Measurement Techniques, 6, 1361-1407

Swartz, W. H, R. S. Stolarski, L. D. Oman, E. L. Fleming, and C. H. Jackman (2012). Middle atmosphere response to different descriptions of the 11-yr solar cycle in spectral irradiance in a chemistry-climate model J. Atmos. Chem. Phys, 12, 5937-5948