Profile for Stephan Kawa

Title: Research Physical Scientist
Contact: E-mail
Office Phone: 301-614-6004
Fax: 301-614-5903

Research Area Experience

Chemistry, transport, and microphysics of atmospheric trace species; development of numerical models for analysis of data and comparison of theory and observations.


Previous Positions


Professional Society Memberships


Special Experience

  1. Goddard's Laboratory for Atmospheres representative to NASA Carbon Science Task Force, 1999-present.
  2. Science Lead: Earth Science Mission Concept Study for Multi-spectral Atmospheric Composition, 2006.
  3. NASA Atmospheric Effects of A viation Project, Project Manager, 1996-1997, Project Scientist, 1997-1999.
  4. Principal Investigator: eight NASA funded proposals, 1991-present; co-investigator on eleven others.
  5. Participant in cooperative field research programs including DYCOMS, AASE, AASE-II, SPADE, ASHOE/MAESA, STRAT, SONEX, POLARIS, SOLVE, AVE, TC4. Member of leadership planning team for POLARIS and SOLVE.
  6. Co-author of UNEP/WMO Scientific Assessment of Ozone Depletion: 1998, 2006.
  7. Convener, AGU Special Sessions: Space Observations of Atmospheric CO2, 2007; Atmospheric Effects of Aviation, 1998; Stratospheric Chemistry and Dynamics, 1994.
  8. Involved in design and construction of instrumentation for eddy flux measurement of ozone, NO/NOy in the stratosphere, and remote sensing of column CO2 by both passive and active methods. Orbiting Carbon Observatory science team.
  9. Ph.D. student committee member at State University of New York, Stony Brook. Mentor for NASA Graduate Student Research Program, NASA/ASEE Summer Faculty Fellowship Program, Maryland Earth and Environmental Science Teacher Ambassador Program, USRA Graduate Student Summer Program, and CIRES undergraduate student research intern.


Updates to our publications records have been put on hold until a new storage and delivery system has been put in place. As a result, this information is currently out of date and does not include the most recent publications. For a more complete listing of publications, please visit the Sciences and Exporation Directorate.

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