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610 Atmospheres Seminar: Shu-Hua Chen

Affiliation: University of California, Davis
Event Date: Friday, June 28, 2013

Location: Bldg 33, Room H114
Time: 11:00 AM

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Modification of Hurricane Helene (2006) Development by Dust-Radiation-Cloud Interactions

Saharan dust can modify tropical cyclone’s environment by changing the energy budget through direct and indirect radiative forcing.  Scattering and absorption of radiation by suspended dust directly modifies the energy budget in the atmosphere and at the surface. Smaller dust particles can remain suspended in the air for prolonged periods and propagate over the Atlantic Ocean.  These fine particles can reach an altitude above freezing level, where they can potentially nucleate ice crystals and transform cloud microphysical properties, indirectly changing the energy budget. Thus, the dust within the air mass is likely to affect the evolution of hurricane properties, life cycles, and the corresponding cloud systems through the dust-cloud-radiation interactions.


A tracer model based on the Weather Research and Forecasting model (named WRFT) was developed to study the influence of dust-radiation-microphysics effects on hurricane activities. The dust-radiation effects and a two-moment microphysics scheme with dust particles acting as ice nuclei were implemented into WRFT.  In this work, Hurricane Helene (2006), during 10-18 September 2006, was studied. Six high-resolution numerical experiments were conducted with the combinations of activating/deactivating dust-radiation and/or dust-microphysics processes, as well as different dust emissions.  Results from these six experiments are compared to investigate the influence of dust-radiation-microphysics processes on Helene development.

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Posted or updated: Friday, May 31, 2013

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