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610AT Weekly Report – Week Ending 12/6/2013

Event Date: Friday, December 6, 2013

Noteworthy Science Achievements/Awards


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External Interactions (HQ, universities, other Gov't organizations, etc.

Proposal/Institutional Collaboration:  "Evaluation of the Ozone Monitoring Instrument 380nm aerosol retrievals with the Cloud and Aerosol Imager onboard of GOSAT" by Dr. Santiago Gassó (GESTAR/Code 613) was accepted by the GOSAT Project Office at the National Institute for Environmental Studies (NIES) in Japan. The project will enable the PI to have better access rights to the suite of measurements by CAI. The PI is joined by Dr. Omar Torres (Code 614) and Prof. Teriyuki Nakajima (University of Tokyo). The CAI instrument is an imager with bands centered at 380, 674,760 (O2 band), 870 and 1600 nm with a 0.5km (1.5km for 1600 band) nadir resolution and a 3 day global coverage. CAI will be collocated with OMI and used to evaluate the OMI aerosol retrievals.


Highlights of Inter-Directorate Teaming

Noteworthy Talks/Presentations

Shen, B.-W. (UMCP/ESSIC/612), J.-L. Li, and S. Cheung, 2013: Multiscale Processes of Hurricane Sandy (2012) as Revealed by the CAMVis-MAP. AGU 2013 Fall Meeting, San Francisco, December 9-13.


Cheung, S., B.-W. Shen (UMCP/ESSIC/612), J.-L. F. Li and P. Mehrotra , 2013: Parallelization of the Ensemble Empirical Model Decomposition (PEEMD) Method on Multi- and Many-core Processors. AGU 2013 Fall Meeting, San Francisco, December 9-13.


Shen, B.-W. (UMCP/ESSIC/612), M. DeMaria, J.-L. F. Li, and S. Cheung, 2013:  Genesis of Hurricane Sandy (2012) Simulated with a Global Mesoscale Model. 94th AMS Annual Meeting. Atlanta, Georgia. 2-6 February 2014.

ñ A GMM produced a remarkable 7-day track and intensity forecast of TC Sandy

ñ Sandy's genesis was realistically simulated with a lead time of up to six days

ñ The lead time is attributed to the improved simulations of multiscale systems


Dr. Chris Kidd (UMD-ESSIC/612) attended, and presented a paper at, the EUMETSAT Hydrological-Satellite Applications Facility Products and Hydrological Validation Workshop held at the Hungarian Meteorological Office, Budapest, 3-7 December 2013:


John Yorks (SSAI/612) presented a seminar at University of Maryland College Park on Tuesday Nov. 26 titled "Development and Validation of a new HSRL Technique for Retrievals of Cloud and Aerosol Properties”The talk highlighted the method and instrument design of a new lidar instrument developed here at NASA GSFC called the Airborne Cloud-Aerosol Transport System (ACATS).  Initial results from the first ever ACATS science flights were presented, as well as comparisons with the Cloud Physics Lidar (CPL) instrument.


Santiago Gasso (USRA-MSU/613) presented an Aerocenter seminar entitled, "Evaluation of OMI aerosol products by simultaneous comparison with MODIS, Aeronet and Calipso retrievals over the oceans" November 26.

Xiaowen Li (USRA-MSU/612) presented a Climate & Radiation Laboratory seminar entitled, "What if there is too little aerosol?" December 4.



Shen, Bo-Wen (UMCP/ESSIC/612), Bron Nelson, S. Cheung, W.-K. Tao (612), 2013b: Improving NASA’s Multiscale Modeling Framework for Tropical Cyclone Climate Study. IEEE Computing in Science and Engineering, vol. 15, no 5, pp 56-67. Sep/Oct 2013.




Shen, Bo-Wen (UMCP/ESSIC/6212), 2013d: Nonlinear Feedback in a Five-dimensional Lorenz Model.  (submitted to JAS July 23; revised Oct 28, 2013) Submitted manuscript (as a google document):


Shen, B.-W. (UMCP/ESSIC/612), S. Cheung, J.-L. F. Li and Y.-L., Wu, 2013e:  Analyzing Tropical Waves using the Parallel Ensemble Empirical Model Decomposition Method: Preliminary Results from Hurricane Sandy  (submitted to Earthzine magazine)


Shen, B.-W. (UMCP/ESSIC/612), 2013f: Simulations and Visualizations of Hurricane Sandy (2012) as Revealed by the NASA CAMVis (submitted to Earthzine magazine)


J. Susskind (NASA GSFC/610), J. Blaisdell (SAIC/610), L. Iredell (SAIC/610), "Improved methodology for surface and atmospheric soundings, error estimates, and Quality Control procedures:  The AIRS Science Team Version-6 retrieval algorithm," Journal of Applied Remote Sensing, November 2013 (submitted).


Major events in the coming week

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Issues and Concerns


Status of any Major Actions

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