Atmospheres 2004 Technical Highlights: Preface

This Technical Highlights for 2004 is the product of the efforts of all of the members of the Laboratory for Atmospheres. Their dedication to advancing knowledge of Earth and Space Science has produced many significant results, which can only be briefly highlighted in this report.

The production of the report has been under the guidance of our Laboratory Chief, William K.-M. Lau. Our Associate Chief, Charles E. Cote, checked the report for accuracy, suggested some simplifications, and has spun off an expanded Instrument Report. Laura Rumburg, who was responsible for gathering the material for the Major Activities section, has carefully proofread the report. Richard Steward designed the cover, contributed to a highlight article, and composed the Education and Outreach section. Jean Howard, who did a superb job on the Laboratory Brochure, organized meetings, and kept watch on the report’s timeliness. The administrative staff offices and in the Laboratory office, were a great help in gathering material, and cajoling Lab members into responding to our requests. Elaine Firestone performed the final editing and formatting, turning our product into a polished report in a most timely manner. Goran Halusa, our Laboratory Web Master, who has greatly improved our Web site, is responsible for publishing the expanded version of the report on our Laboratory Web site,

This is my last year as Editor—it has been a very rewarding experience working with the staff and members of the Laboratory for Atmospheres on these reports.

Walter R. Hoegy