Laboratory for Atmospheres 2003 Technical Highlights: Cover Page

Cover Caption: Pictures in order of top to bottom, left to right.

  1. Volcanic aerosols shown in layering, flight on January 4, 2003 over California.
  2. Polar stratospheric clouds seen over Iceland, photographed by Ed Lewis, pilot of the DC-8 on February 2, 2003.
  3. Polar stratospheric clouds observed on flight of January 14.
  4. DC-8 outside the Arena Arctica hanger in Kiruna, Sweden in late January.
  5. Terrain over west coast of Greenland.
  6. Local noon on January 9 showing extent of sun light when the DC-8 arrived in Kiruna, Sweden on transit flight from Edwards AFB in California.
  7. AROTAL crew in front of the Arena Arctica hanger at the Kiruna airport. Members from left to right: Patricia Lucker2, Larry Twigg1, Grant Sumnicht1, William Heaps1, Tom McGee1, Don Silbert1, Gary Hansen2, Walter Hoegy1, and Chris Hostetler2.

1 GSFC; 2 LaRC.