Laboratory for Atmospheres 2003 Technical Highlights: Section 7 Acknowledgments

We thank all the Laboratory members whose work makes this report possible: conducting the research, writing proposals, creating and running models, designing instruments, managing projects, running field campaigns, etc. This report attempts to summarize and highlight some of your efforts.

The Branch Heads contributed material and selected the papers that are highlighted in Appendix A2.

The Branch Secretaries were most helpful in gathering material for the appendices. They did an outstanding job in badgering Lab members for input when necessary.

Paul Newman contributed the cover design and material to illustrate the SOLVE II campaign.

Laura Rumburg again turned her keen proofreader’s eyes on our copy. She diligently researched, edited, and checked factual items, figures, and tables. Laura has had a significant influence on the Report since the 1996 edition; she has been an invaluable contributor.

Our Chief, William Lau, suggested the fresh look of the Report and tried very hard to make us stick to our deadlines. Charles Cote, as usual, contributed his keen sense of order and aptness to the report, and also generated an independent Instrument Report. Nathan Miller helped with editing.

Goran Halusa, our new Laboratory for Atmospheres Web Master, designed and constantly improves our new Web page, and is helping us in the use of our Web page to collect, edit, and proof Annual Report content, and to make the report more available to the public.

Walter Hoegy, Editor