Laboratory for Atmospheres 2003 Technical Highlights: Appendix B2. Visiting Committees for the Earth Sciences Directorate and the Laboratory for Atmospheres

The last visiting committee to review the Laboratory for Atmospheres met in October 1993 under the chairmanship of Alan Betts. The last branch reviews were of the Mesoscale Atmospheric Processes Branch in November 1999, and of the Atmospheric Chemistry and Dynamics Branch in April 1997. A review of the Laboratories in the Earth Sciences Directorate was held up until a review of the Directorate could take place.

Earth Sciences Directorate Visiting Committee
(September 25-26, 2003)

Eric Barron, Chairperson
Dean, College of Earth and Mineral Sciences
Pennsylvania State University

Steve Adamec
NAVO Major Shared Resource Center
Stennis Space Center

Rick Anthes
University Corporation for Atmospheric Research

Mike Fiorino
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Michael Hardesty
David Skaggs Research Center

Daniel Jacob
Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences
Harvard University

Jerry Mahlman
University Corporation for Atmospheric Research

Berrien Moore
University of New Hampshire

Paola Rizzoli
Department of Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Sean Solomon
Department of Terrestrial Magnetism
Carnegie Institution of Washington