Mesoscale Atmospheric Processes: Mission

Our mission is to conduct research to understand the physics and dynamics of atmospheric processes through the use of satellite, aircraft and surface-based remote sensing observations and computer-based simulations.

Evaluating Light Rain Drop Size Estimates from Multi-Wavelength Micropulse Lidar Network Profiling

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Predicting GPM Signals

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CONUS Precipitation

Continuous United States and Puerto Rico: Current 1-Day Observed Precipitation - click here for full size

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Hurricane Breaking News

  • Karina (Eastern Pacific)
    Despite being the eleventh tropical cyclone of the Eastern Pacific Ocean Hurricane Season, Karina looked like a giant number nine from NASA's Aqua satellite.
  • Lowell (was 12E - Eastern Pacific Ocean)
    The south side of Tropical Storm Lowell appears to be its toughest side with the strongest thunderstorms, according to the GOES-14 and NPP satellites.
  • Julio (Eastern Pacific)
    Tropical Storm Julio doesn't have any strong thunderstorms or strong convection left in it according to infrared satellite imagery from NASA.
  • Iselle (Eastern Pacific Ocean)
    The Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission or TRMM satellite passed over Tropical Storm Iselle and gathered data on clouds and rainfall as it affected Hawaii.
  • Halong (was 11W - Northwestern Pacific Ocean)
    Astronauts aboard the International Space Station captured this photograph of Tropical Storm Halong as it moved across southern Japan on August 10.
  • Genevieve (Eastern Pacific Ocean)
    Cloud tops were warming and precipitation was waning in Tropical Depression Genevieve when NASA's Aqua satellite flew overhead.
  • Bertha (Atlantic Ocean)
    A visible satellite image from NOAA's GOES-East satellite shows that Post-Tropical Storm Bertha was merging with a frontal system in the North Atlantic Ocean.
  • Nakri (Northwestern Pacific Ocean)
    System 96W finally became Tropical Storm Nakri on August 2 as Suomi NPP passed overhead.
  • Hernan (Eastern Pacific Ocean)
    Tropical Storm Hernan degenerated into a remnant low pressure area on July 29.
  • Matmo (was 10W - Northwest Pacific Ocean)
    NASA used data from the TRMM satellite to calculate just how much rain fell over Taiwan.

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