Mesoscale Atmospheric Processes: Mission

Our mission is to conduct research to understand the physics and dynamics of atmospheric processes through the use of satellite, aircraft and surface-based remote sensing observations and computer-based simulations.

Upgraded Global Air-sea Turbulent Fluxes from GSSTF datasets and Their Climate Applications

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Simulations and Visualizations of Hurricane Sandy

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CONUS Precipitation

Continuous United States and Puerto Rico: Current 1-Day Observed Precipitation - click here for full size

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Hurricane Breaking News

  • Tropical Storm Fung-Wong (was 16W - NW Pacific)
    Tropical Storm Fung-Wong continued to affect the Philippines while moving north through the Northwestern Pacific Ocean.
  • Edouard (was TD6 - Atlantic Ocean)
    NASA's Aqua satellite passed over the Atlantic Ocean and captured a picture of Tropical Storm Edouard as it continues to weaken.
  • Polo (Eastern Pacific)
    Tropical Storm Polo is riding along the coast of western Mexico like horses in the game of his namesake.
  • Odile (Eastern Pacific)
    Former Hurricane Odile may be a bad memory for Baja California, but the remnants have moved over New Mexico and Texas where they are expected to bring rainfall there.
  • Kalmaegi (was TD15W - Northwestern Pacific Ocean)
    Tropical Storm Kalmaegi made landfall on September 17 near the border of Vietnam and China and moved inland.
  • TD16E (Eastern Pacific)
    NOAA's GOES-West satellite showed the clouds associated with the remnants of 16E being drawn into the massive circulation of nearby Hurricane Odile.
  • Norbert (Eastern Pacific)
    Norbert may have been centered a couple of hundred miles off the northwestern coast of Mexico's Baja California, but it generated drenching thunderstorms over Arizona.
  • Fengshen (Northwestern Pacific Ocean)
    NASA's Terra satellite captured an image of Tropical Storm Fengshen as it continued moving away from the east coast of Japan.
  • 14W (Northwestern Pacific Ocean)
    Tropical Depression 14W was a short-lived storm that only lasted through four bulletins from the Joint Typhoon Warning Center.
  • Dolly (Atlantic/Gulf of Mexico)
    Tropical Storm Dolly fizzled out quickly on September 3 after making landfall in eastern Mexico, and NASA's Aqua satellite tracked some of the remnants.

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