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Affiliation: SSAI
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Office Phone: 301-614-5703
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Lee, Jae N., D.L. Wu, and A. Ruzmaikin (2013). Interannual variations of MLS carbon monoxide Induced by solar cycle J. Atmos. Sol. Terr. Phys, 102, 99-104

Tao, W.-K., D. Wu, T. Matsui, C. Peters-Lidard, S. Lang, A. Hou, and M. Rienecker (2013). The Diurnal Variation of Precipitation during MC3E: A Numerical Modeling Study Journal of Geophysical Research, 118(113), 7199–7218

Wu, D., X. Dong, B. Xi, Z. Feng, A. Kennedy, G. Mullendore, M. Gilmore, and W.-K. Tao (2013). Impacts of microphysical scheme on convective and stratiform characteristics in two high precipitation squall line events Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres, 118, 11119-11135