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Education Ph.D. 1993 - Atmospheric Sciences - University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign Research Interests
  • Precipitation Measurements and Microphysics
  • Mesoscale processes in the Tropics
  • Publications

    Updates to our publications records have been put on hold until a new storage and delivery system has been put in place. As a result, this information is currently out of date and does not include the most recent publications. For a more complete listing of publications, please visit the Sciences and Exporation Directorate.

    Tokay, A., R. Roche, and P. G. Bashor (2014). An Experimental Study of Spatial Vaiability of Rainfall Journal of Hydrometeorology, 15(2), 801-812

    Tokay, A., W. A. Petersen, P. Gatlin, and M. Wingo (2013). Comparison of Raindrop Size Distribution Measurements by Collocated Disdrometers Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology, 30(8), 1672-1690

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