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AeroCenter Seminar: Jean-Paul Vernier

Event Date: Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Location: Building 33, Room G133
Time: 11:00 AM

The stratospheric aerosol volcanic trend During the last decade, stratospheric aerosols levels were monitored by several satellite instruments including SAGE II, GOMOS, OSIRIS, CALIPSO during a period that generally is considered to be a background or at least non-volcanic. Herein, we use these measurements to investigate the role of small to moderate volcanic eruptions in controlling stratospheric aerosol levels, We find that three eruptions, from which significant sulfuric materials were injected into the lower tropical stratosphere, have contributed significantly to an increase the aerosols loading of the global stratosphere. These eruptions are Ruang (2002), Manam (2005), and Montserrat (2006). The impact of these eruptions were not instantly noted throughout the stratosphere but gradually dispersed in latitude and altitude by the general circulation and the delay of the arrival at some latitudes is sometimes as long as a year following the date of the eruption. In addition, the eruptions were successively large from Ruang to Montserrat and the transport processes and the accidental ordering of the eruption sizes created a natural volcanic positive trend in the stratospheric aerosol level on a global basis. Morever, the possible impact of anthropogenic sulfur emissions on the stratosphere aerosol level cannot be clearly determined since they are effectively masked by these volcanic eruptions.

Posted or updated: Monday, December 6, 2010

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