Atmospheres Brochure

The progress of science depends critically on communications. So does the health and vitality of a science organization. This brochure conveys a number of messages, but its main objective is to spread the word about Atmospheric Sciences.

Inside this brochure you'll find descriptions of our work scope, our people and facilities, our place in NASA's mission, and some of our accomplishments. It is intended to provide a flavor of what the group is all about. This document is aimed at a wide spectrum of potential readers including managers and colleagues within NASA, scientists outside the agency, graduate students in the atmospheric sciences, and members of the general public. Atmospheres' mission is the advancement of knowledge and understanding of the atmospheres of the Earth and other planets. Scientists conduct basic research in atmospheric sciences from the vantage point of space observations and related computer modeling. We also play an active role in developing and calibrating new and improved instruments for spaceflight and field campaigns. We enthusiastically invite you to take a glimpse into the work done by so many dedicated individuals.

A brochure can only attempt to arouse the reader's curiosity. We welcome the opportunity to elaborate on any subject that strikes a responsive chord. Enjoy your journey through the following pages into the world of the Atmospheres.